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  • Cairo Stock Exchange
    - CSE buildings “Elsherifeen St.”
    - CSE “ Cairo Annex”
    - CSE “ Ever Green Annex”
    - CSE Offices “ Alwy St.,”
    Establishing the infrastructures for the whole data networks include the
    Fiber Optic network (interbuildings & intranbuildings).
    Also the light current and power system for all buildings (Trading hall,
    Evergreen training center, Alsherifein, Alex buildings).
  • Alexandria Stock Exchange and Annex
    - Installation Data Communication Networks and Electricity in the Stock

    Exchange building
  • Arab Contractors
    - Adly branch
    - Mansoura Branch
    - Safety Administration – Nasr city
    - Water Purification Station - Algabal Al asfar
  • Ministry of Tourism Offices - Misr Tourism Tower - Abassia
  • CLICK GSM Stores in Maadi , Sphinx & Alexandria
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) and the remote sites :
    With cooperation with both Telecom Egypt and HP, we have installed the
    main Data Network for the main NOC building in Mohandessen. Which is going to be
    the heart of Monitoring the overall status of Egypt exchanges, also we have installed
    the data Networks for this system in the remote sites in Egypt covering a wide area
    of places in Egypt for example Tanta, Alexandria. We have participated from the early stages in the design for the whole network with the most up to date products. Which is Cat 6 cables.
  • Misr International Services & Trading
    - The head office (Main Branch) Mohandeseen
    - The Communication Center, Kasr El Nil

  • American Embassy in Cairo:
    Upgrading the American Embassy’s Satellite TV Network.
  • Republican guard:
    Upgrading the existing networking and adding extensions.
  • Ministry of Electricity and Energy:
    Installation of Data Network System.

Ongoing Projects

  • Investment authority:
    It is one of our ongoing projects, we are responsible for installing the whole
    building light current systems.
  • Justice Ministry:
    Upgrade and Mechanized Court of Cassation (Justice Ministry).
  • The Central Bank:
    Installation of Data Network system
  • City Star:
    Installation of Data Network system.
  • Smart Village:
    Installation of the infrastructures for the whole data networks include the Fiber
    Optic Network.
  • Al Ahram beverages company
    Supplementation & installation of data network & inter building back bone of
    the management building at 6 october

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