Alpha Design


Alpha Design & Networking founders gained broad knowledge and experience in the ICT market since the nineteen eighties. This vast expertise accompanied by Quality Excellence in Products, Services, and Business Management has led to the establishment of Alpha Design & Networking in 1997 by the leadership of the CEO Eng. Sherif Omran.

We are globally recognized as a Pioneer in Electromechanical Fire-fighting, Infrastructure Data Cabling and Light Current systems. Alpha Design is a leading company covering ICT needs of all vertical sectors; Telecommunications and Data Centers, Finance, Tourism, Health, Plants and Factories, Transportation, Utilities, Educational and Embassies among others.

Proven records of major innovations in our solutions reflect our commitment to perfection and to provide top-notch solutions and world leading brands. Regular maintenance is our priority, ensuring the quality of our systems’ operation and peak performance. We adopt subcontracting arrangements with large and multinational corporations for general contracting in integrated projects that allow us to take on large-scale projects successfully.

Alpha Design employs innovative people and empowers them to achieve the highest level of performance. Our high-level technical and engineering expertise and exceptionally skilled, well-trained personnel are the core of our Leading Edge Services.