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Fire Alarm

ControlPanelsAddressable Intelligent Fire Alarm & Fire Releasing Control Panels:
The intelligent fire alarm control panel is designed specifically for small applications with features that minimize installation time, enable faster response times, and simplify maintenance and usability.
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We are the distributor of RAPIDROP- UK Upright/Pendant sprinklers. It is a Standard/Quick Response frangible glass bulb automatic sprinklers Plain or chrome with various temperature range and accessories if required with UL-Listing , FM and VDS Approvals.
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Valves & Accessories

 ValvesWe supply Riser Check Valve, Check Valve, Ball Valve, OS&Y Gate Valve and Deluge Valve. Request Quotation
FlexibleSprinklerConnectionsA collection of Inlets, Outlets and Support Brackets designed to work with the Rapidrop Flexible sprinkler connections. Request Quotation

CO2 Systems

SiexFixedExtinguishingSystemSiex CO2 Fixed Extinguishing System combines low cost and high availability anywhere in the world, making it a leading product. It is recommended for protecting virtually any risk: Unlike others, it may be used when the design includes openings on the enclosure walls, either by total flooding or by local application to ensure highly effective and versatile extinguishing.CO2 systems may be completely safe for people if the safety devices developed by SIEX are properly used: lock-out valves, pneumatic retarder, sirens, etc. Request Quotation

Novec 1230 fire systems

SIEX NC-1230 uses the 3MTM NOVECTM 1230 extinguishing agent to set up a system of rapid and effective release to protect equipment and people at the first signs of danger. Request Quotation
NOVECTM 1230 is an extinguishing compound similar to water in appearance, with special properties that make it suitable for the protection of sensitive property. Its use is limited to combustible solid, flammable liquid and energized electrical fires. Request Quotation

FM-200 Systems


Siex HC227 Fixed Extinguishing System using FM-200® were developed to provide continuous protection while minimizing potential damage from the fire, and avoiding damage to the ozone layer(zero ODP). The equipment must be activated rapidly and efficiently at the first signs of alert. SIEX HC-227 was developed with these criteria for complete and safe extinguishment.

The system is effective on both large and small fires and its range of pressures is a basic advantage

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 SIEX FM-200 S FLOWSiex HC227 S FLow Fixed Extinguishing System guarantees quick and safe fire extinguishing. Its features provide great safety and effectiveness, from installation until activation (when required).
The system can operate at pressures of 32, 34, 50, 55 and 60 bar. This allows maximum design flexibility for these systems.
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Inert Gases Systems

Inert GasSiex CFT 541 Fixed Extinguishing System features the full range of pressures accepted by current regulations for various volumes. It can thus ensure the design concentration required for each hazard using only the necessary amount of agent and assure its proper distribution. It combines the unbeatable qualities and performance of this agent (a blend of argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) with a marked improvement in its release.  Request Quotation

Water Mist

WATER MISTSiex WF-PE Fixed Extinguishing System is the result of an extensive study into the benefits of water as an extinguishing agent, conveniently used with systems that enhance its properties, delivering maximum firefighting efficiency while protecting people and even the most delicate property.SIEX offers specific solutions for each hazard and each type of application. It can be designed for both total flooding and local application, or as a protection for an entire building or facility.
water mistELECTRIC PUMPS SIEX-WF PE is our water mist system that uses an electric positive displacement, high pressure pump. It can be operated automatically or manually to start the discharge.
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Hoods Wet Chemical

Kitchin hoodSIEX-KP
is the solution for detection and extinguishment in kitchen hoods by means of an aqueous agent. The risk of fire in industrial restaurant kitchens or other activities is well-known, since there is direct contact with the fire which they produce.If the compartmentalization or protection is inadequate, this type of fire can grow as the fire spreads to adjoining areas.
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Dry Chemical

ProductDryChemicalSIEX-IND is mainly applicable for fires that require rapid flame knock-down, such as flammable and/or combustible liquid fires, leaks of combustible liquids or gases during transfer, loading or unloading and surface fires in solids. Request Quotation

Fire Trace

 firetrace_intro_225x301Firetrace Systems provide Cost-Effective, Stand-Alone, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for your Critical Equipment, Electrical/Technical Systems and various types of enclosures.The effectiveness of a genuine Fire trace System, happens by utilizing the proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (a Linear Pneumatic Heat Sensor), which detects a fire due to precise temperature sensitivity, allowing our systems to react quickly and effectively. This unique detection can be run through the smallest or most complex enclosures to ensure detection is always close at hand. Request Quotation

Foam Systems

FOAM SystemSiex FOAM PREMIX is designed to act in the most adverse circumstances requiring swift control and/or suppression action. By its specific characteristics, it is recommended primarily for use on flammable liquids outside the range of action of other conventional agents.  Request Quotation


PlumbingiconWe set up Plumbing System for Fire-fighting and other purposes, which includes water supply distributing pipes, fixture and fixture traps, soil, waste and vent pipes, the building drain and building sewer, the storm water drainage, accompanied by their devices. In addition to appurtenances and connections within and outside the building. Alpha Design performs the maintenance of Desalination Plants.

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Fire Detection & Alarm SystemsFireAlarmicon

Alpha delivers a market leading experience in Fire Protection solutions from major brands (Gent, Esser, Simplex). We provide Fire Alarm systems that work in coordination to detect potential fire before it occurs, through visual and audio devices. The systems are suitable for various environments, being activated by different factors; smoke detectors, heat detectors or water flow sensors.


FireFightingiconFire Fighting System

We offer leading-edge Fire-fighting solutions for the safety and protection of human life and premises. We employ different systems and products from prime brands. Systems include Fire storage tanks, Fire pumping, the Distribution system, FM200, CO2 suppression, Inert gases, Water-spray, and Foam systems.


CCTV Security SystemsCCTVicon

We design and install CCTV professional systems to suit all needs to accommodate the wide range of CCTV applications on different levels with all system components from cameras, multipliers, monitors and time laps recording machines, through world leaders in the field (Panasonic, Sony).


Access Control SystemsAccessControlicon

We provide total management solutions to businesses, offering breakthrough design with commitment to excellent product support and dedication to future technologies. The interconnectedness of these areas enables Alpha to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the Security market. We work with world leaders in the industry (PCSC, Bioscrypt, Avaya).


Physical Intrusion SystemsIntrusionSystem

Alpha Design offers different Physical Intrusion Systems against damage or theft. The systems detect events that indicate unauthorized entry, which enables protection of human life, equipments and premises. Our solutions include door position sensor, glass break detector, motion detector and panic button.



We utilize our experience and knowledge of the market and international design standards to offer consultancy services for different industries and entities.

Turn-Key Projects

Our resources and expertise allow building complete projects. We offer designing, project management, site surveys and technical implementations, up to after-sales services and warranty.

System Integrators

We specialize in bringing together components and subsystems into a complete integrated solution, ensuring seamless functionality using innovative solutions or building to a custom specific project.

Official suppliers to industry standard brands

We are certified distributors and suppliers for a number of prime Fire-fighting systems, offering exclusive and competitive prices.

Recent Graduates

Senior / Junior Engineers

How To Apply

Alpha Design is always looking for new talents, either recent graduates or established professionals. We know that our main asset is our people, and we believe that knowledge should be passed to younger generations, for a hope in a better future.


Recent Graduates

usaWe are offering opportunities for students and recent graduates, either through shadowing programs, internships and entry level positions.

Recent graduates should be within 6 months to 1 year after completing their degree, also students and graduates from majors and degrees varying from electrical and mechanical engineering, product designers or media artists are welcome to apply.

For more information check our link job listings for internships.

Electrical, Mechanical & Communication Engineers

mechanical-engineer-1918We are always looking for engineers in the field of mechanical, mechatronics and light current, either as site engineers, maintenance engineers or as part of our technical and designing office. we offer a challenging and innovative working environment, and over 30 years of experience in the field.

We have a minimum requirement of a Bachelor of science in engineering, and a proficiency in the English language. While experience could vary depending on the position advertised.

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Alpha Design & Networking founders gained broad knowledge and experience in the ICT market since the nineteen eighties. This vast expertise accompanied by Quality Excellence in Products, Services, and Business Management has led to the establishment of Alpha Design & Networking in 1997 by the leadership of the CEO Eng. Sherif Omran.

We are globally recognized as a Pioneer in Electromechanical Fire-fighting, Infrastructure Data Cabling and Light Current systems. Alpha Design is a leading company covering ICT needs of all vertical sectors; Telecommunications and Data Centers, Finance, Tourism, Health, Plants and Factories, Transportation, Utilities, Educational and Embassies among others.

Proven records of major innovations in our solutions reflect our commitment to perfection and to provide top-notch solutions and world leading brands. Regular maintenance is our priority, ensuring the quality of our systems’ operation and peak performance. We adopt subcontracting arrangements with large and multinational corporations for general contracting in integrated projects that allow us to take on large-scale projects successfully.

Alpha Design employs innovative people and empowers them to achieve the highest level of performance. Our high-level technical and engineering expertise and exceptionally skilled, well-trained personnel are the core of our Leading Edge Services.

Our specialized engineers have broad experience in designing systems by the latest technologies. Our warehousing, transportation facilities and highly-skilled technical teams allow us to supply, install, test and operate our systems seamlessly, for turnkey and build to order projects. We assure our clients to receive well-maintained systems through our after-sales service and offering a comprehensive warranty and maintenance program.

SolutionsLifeSecurityLife Safety & Physical Security
Fire-fighting Systems; Inert gases, Water-spray, Foam Systems.& Fire detection & Alarm, and CCTV Security Systems.
SolutionsCablingStructured Cabling & Infrastructure
Copper Cables, Single Mode & Multi-Mode, Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables.
SolutionsLightCurrentLight Current
Data Communication Networking, Telephony System, Audio Visual Systems, Queuing System, TV & Satellite Reception, and Lighting & Dimming Systems.
SolutionsPowerElectrical Power Systems
Emergency power supply, UPS Systems, Stabilizers, Backup Generators, ATS Panels and Electrical Panels, designing Electrical Networks. Solutions specialized for Data Centers and Premises.
SolutionsHVACHeating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Freon Cooling or Water Cooling Chillers, DX Units, Fan Coil Units, Exhaust, Smoke, Pressurization Fans and Air Condition Electrical Panels.
SolutionsPlumbingSitePlumbing Systems
Water supply distributing pipes, fixture and fixture traps, soil, waste and vent pipes, the building drain and building sewer, the storm water drainage, accompanied by their devices.